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Wine Review: Pinot for the People

Mark West Pinot Noir 2006 - $24

People’s Pinot

The Mark West Pinot Noir 2006 blew me away for a couple of reasons. Most importantly, the wine is delicious, a true-tasting California Pinot Noir with aromas of juicy plum, dark cherry and damp soil. On the palate, the earthiness continues, along with brighter cherry flavors and oak. The balance is exceptional, allowing the full range to flavors to shine through. You can get all of this for $24 (less in some U.S. states). While the label is fairly subdued, the producer has an interesting back-story – and quite a funny website. Using the catchphrase “Pinot for the People,” the winery had been making bargain Pinot Noirs since 2004 by blending premium grapes from different parts of California. Winemaker Alex Cose, who has previously worked with Montevina and Joseph Phelps, clearly has a good hand (and nose) for harmonizing this difficult-to-control grape. This is a great wine to drink on its own.

Quaffability Rating: 91

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“Wine Review: Pinot for the People”

  1. Blogger Mark Says:

    We really enjoyed this wine after your recommendation. Why are so many affordable Pinots lacking in any Pinot characteristics?
    I think Alex Cose worked at Peter Michaels too so he definately knows Pinot!
    Great wine!