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Real Estate Developments Pouring Out Wine Luxuries

A quick peruse of the ads in Wine Spectator shows that wine enthusiasts tend sit in a comfortable salary bracket. Now some upscale real estate developers are wooing the ever-growing wine crowd with new wine-related amenities and storage facilities. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. If you’re a well-off wine lover living in a condo, why not have the developer help you out with some exclusive wine deals?

In Manhattan's Flatiron District, the Alma Lofts development just announced a partnership with James Beard award-winning sommelier Jean Luc Le Du titled, “Le Due’s Wines pour Alma.” Residents at Alma will enjoy:

  • Exclusive sommelier services to consult on wine pairings and suggest new, popular and hard-to-find wines
  • A seasonal case of select wines delivered to each of the 13 homes
  • And “The Alma 100,” a private collection of hand-picked wines for Alma

Not bad. It’s a shame the units are out of my price range at $6-10 million.

Other Manhattan developments are also pouring out the wine incentives. Residents of the Setai New York can buy storage space in a wine cellar near the exclusive Setai Club restaurant, and bottles can be delivered from the cellar to residents’ doors. They also offer state-of-the-art, in-home wine cooling systems.

At 15 Central Park West, they have 30 private climate-controlled wine rooms for up to 5,000 bottles, and a shared tasting room large enough for eight guests. They also have a wine tasting room over at 200 West End Avenue, offering regular wine-tasting events through a partnership with Wine Enthusiast Magazine. And for those who don’t have time to pick and choose their own bottles, SoHo Mews will offer the services of Centovini Restaurant’s sommelier to keep residents’ homes stocked with selections from the restaurant’s “library” of 100-plus Italian wines.

If these options are out of your budget, here are tips for storing wine if you live in a condo. Or, by contrast, if you’re looking to move into a house complete a stocked wine cellar, click here.

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“Real Estate Developments Pouring Out Wine Luxuries”