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Wine Review: Goatfather 2008

Goatfather 2008 ($15 Cdn, $12 US)

From the Goats Do Roam Wine Company of South Africa comes a rough-and-tumble Tuscan-style red produced a continent away from its homeland. The Sangiovese, Barbera and Cabernet Sauvignon blend has a good kick that’ll pair well pasta and meat sauce. The label bearing a grinning Don Corleone-esque goat, is almost worth the price of the bottle, but the wine is not very good compared to the winery’s signature label, Goats Do Roam and the even more impressive Goats Do Roam in Villages. It’s nevertheless a playful effort that will entertain party guests or Kris Kringle recipients. Sweet raisiny tastes and burnt tobacco flavors predominate.

Quaffability Rating: 85
Holiday Gift Rating: 89

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“Wine Review: Goatfather 2008”