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Finding the Right Wine

Wine Marketing

Have you ever wandered through a wine shop, looked at row upon row of bottles and wondered what’s what? Unless you’re part of an elite group of wine connoisseurs, I’m sure this is all too common. Well, this story on the Adelaide Now site explains that the Australian wine industry has a new tool to try to tap into the U.S. market – and one of the major recommendations is better labeling with tags that describe the basic flavors. I’m sure this would go a long way to helping people pick the wines they want, without asking them to become sommeliers.

Wine Review

Speaking of flavors, today’s featured wine is packed with them. The Domaine Grand Veneur La Champauvins Côtes du Rhône-Villages 2007 ($20 Cdn, $16 US) is one of those French wines with a name that takes about as long to say as it does to drink, but it’s worth memorizing, or writing down, and seeking out. Kir, dark plums, tomatoes, black pepper and sweet and sour notes act in harmony to produce a meaty, spicy Rhône from the excellent 2007 vintage.

Quaffability Rating: 90

Coming Up...

Stay tuned for some holiday wine gift recommendations.

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“Finding the Right Wine”