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Wine and Cheese Pairing

The Wine: Flat Rock Cellars Twisted 2008 ($15)
The Cheese: Testadura Italian goat cheese

The Flat Rock Twisted is a unique blend of 59% Riesling, 21% unoaked Chardonnay and 20% Gewurztraminer. Drinking it, I wasn’t sure whether it was sweet, sour, fruity or mineral-y. The truth is, it’s all of the above, which goes to explain why they called the wine Twisted. The surprising things is that it works – the wine is well-balanced and lip-smackingly delicious.

Paired with the Testadura goat cheese, the Twisted gets even more wonky, with the cheese bringing out more and more flinty and nutty flavors. The Testadura goat cheese is tasty enough to eat on its own or with crackers. Much like the last week’s “Drunken” sheep’s milk cheese, the Italian Testadura manages to be both crumbly and silky, with some good acidy to complement the Riesling components in the wine.


“Wine and Cheese Pairing”