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Wine and Cheese: An Oregon Pinot and an Italian Sheep’s Cheese

The wine:

The Quaffer’s tour of American wine begins in Oregon’s Willamette Valley with the Andrew Rich Pinot Noir Cuvee B 2006 ($25), and what a way to start with a bang. This wine shows all the seemingly contradictory things that I love about good Pinot Noir: the nose is floral and fruit-filled and smoky, while the color is a transluscent vivid red. You would never guess it had an alcohol content of 14.1%. The tasting mirrored the complexity of the bouquet, with strawberries, raspberries and cherries playing off some strangely appealing earthy flavors. It somehow manages to be both light and powerful at the same time.

The cheese:

I paired up the Andrew Rich with a similarly interesting cheese. Like the wine, the Savello di Roma sheep’s milk cheese was light and fruity but had a backbone of intense flavor. The texture started out very smooth, but maintained its integrity to the finish with a solid nutty flavor. The Pinot Noir shifts several times through phases of flavor, and when paired with a cheese that does the same, it’s pure genius.


“Wine and Cheese: An Oregon Pinot and an Italian Sheep’s Cheese”