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Top Wine Trends for 2009

You would think winemaking, which has been around for thousands of years, would remain fixed in tradition, resistant to the shifting winds of other industries such as fashion, music and art. But no, wine is now fully immersed in the marketing business, and its appeal among a younger crowd is really shaking things up. And that's probably a good thing.

Here are some of the top wine trends for 2009, according to beverage marketing guru Kimberly Charles, founder of the San Francisco-based PR agency, Charles Communications:

Going Green "Organic, biodynamic, fair trade and sustainable offerings are continuing their upswing. It’s becoming more of a standard than a specialty but it still has a ways to go."

Alternative Packaging "Tasty, affordable wines are showing up in trendy, modern-designed boxes, tetra paks, aluminum bottles and lightweight glass."

Small is Beautiful "Sample sizes are not just for beauty products anymore. Many wines are being offered more often in half-bottles now for those watching their intake or who are being savvy shoppers."

It's a Small World After All "As the Internet has brought us closer, and as people who enjoy beverages travel and seek value, we are seeing more exotic wines showing up on wine lists from places such as Croatia, Uruguay, Turkey, India and China."

Raise the Wine Bar "It has been said that 'Wine Bars are the Coffee Bars of the 2000s.' Wine Bar concepts are exploding around the country..."

Here Come the Millennials "This of the most influential groups to affect the world of beverages... Many are price resistant, well-traveled, internet-savvy..."

Happy sipping in 2009.


“Top Wine Trends for 2009”