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The Vino Chapeau

Because I’m fascinated by simple gadgets, I’m intrigued by a little product that's slated for release in mid-November called the Vino Chapeau. Here's what they say about it on their site:

Vino Chapeau discs are cling-enabled wineglass covers that double the
concentration of wine aromas. With their unique ability to cling to the rim of
your wineglass, Vino Chapeau discs remain secure as you swirl your wine. Made
from a high-grade polymer plastic, Vino Chapeau discs are completely reusable.
Thin and lightweight, they can be easily tucked into your purse or pocket.
I remember being amazed the first time I properly swirled a wine around in the glass and took a sniff. It makes a huge difference in the aromas that jump up into your nostrils. If this disc can amplify that effect, I’d give it try. An early report from Tom Wark’s Fermentation blog indicates that the hat does, in fact, do the trick.

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“The Vino Chapeau”