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Pairing Wine with Music

Pairing Wine with Music

In a follow-up to last year’s clever marketing campaign, California’s Wente Vinyards has launched a wine and music pairing for its latest vintage. Bottles of Wente wines will come with a list of wine-and-song pairings, and include an access code to download the featured songs for free.

As an ode to the Wente campaign, here is my general guide to wine-music matchups:

Chardonnay (unoaked) – Classical
Chardonnay (oaked) – Country
Sauvignon Blanc – Top 40
Pinot Gris – Adult Contemporary
Riesling – Euro Techno-Trance
White Zinfandel – Céline Dion (that’s right - she gets her own genre)
Cabernet – Classic Rock
Merlot – Reggae
Zinfandel – Blues or Hip-Hop
Pinot Noir – Jazz Fusion
Syrah – Gangsta Rap
Petit Syrah – Death Metal

There you go. So grab a bottle of California Petit Syrah, dust off your old Slayer CDs and taste the music. All joking aside, I do like the idea of pairing wine and music. Wine drinking involves all senses except hearing, so why not bring some music into your wine-tasting experience?

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“Pairing Wine with Music”

  1. Blogger Rai-mon Says:

    I actually write a blog column and throw an event called Wine&Beats. Good stuff lets keep this going. Here's one of the articles I wrote for LEGENDmag.