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Wine Review: Terra Andina Altos 2005 Syrah Cabernet ($19)

With a distinctive nose of roast lamb and sauerkraut, I know right away that the Terra Andina Altos 2005 Syrah Cabernet is going to be an interesting wine. Something about the aroma reminds me of a hearty meal. On the palette, I detect blueberries, spicy sausage, green pepper and the distant hint of cow manure, but in a good way. It’s a crazy mix of flavors, but it works. The Terra Andina would pair well with spiced lamb, sausage or meatballs.

The offbeat, concentrated flavors of this 75-25 blend of Syrah and Cab would be off-putting were it not for a well-rounded structure and backbone of fruit. If you want a standard Chilean Cab, don't buy this wine, but if you're ready to jump off the cliff and embrace something thrilling, grab a bottle of Terra Andina.

Quaffability Rating: 88

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“Wine Review: Terra Andina Altos 2005 Syrah Cabernet ($19)”