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Red Wine Review: Pennyfield Petit Verdot 2005

Wine Review: Pennyfield Petit Verdot 2005 ($25)

In Bordeaux, Petit Verdot is traditionally used in small amounts as a blending grape, to add tannins and color. The late-ripening grape often gets wiped out by rains in the Bordeaux region, so it’s falling out of favor, but fear not, Petit Verdot lovers, because New World winemakers have stepped up to the rescue. The grape is making a comeback in Australia, California and South America, where the climates allow Petit Verdot to mature fully. If you enjoy big red wines, Petit Verdot is a good way to go.

This week’s featured wine is a Petit Verdot from the Riverland region of South Australia. The Pennyfield Basket Pressed Petit Verdot 2005 ($25) is hand-crafted using traditional techniques. The nose gives out floral and smoky aromas. After one swig, the tannins coat my mouth with a tartness that makes me chew my cheeks. I taste loads of Sour Chews, which reminds of the days as a kid when I used to buy Sour Chews from the dispenser at the supermarket to see how many I could jam into my mouth at the same time. This wine has a sweet-and-sour backbone, with some interesting notes of cowhide and slightly burned fresh-out-of-the-oven pie crust. It's a stellar wine that begs for pairing with rich foods, such as barbequed pork or ribs.

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“Red Wine Review: Pennyfield Petit Verdot 2005”